Autonomous Technologies

Autonomous Technologies

The Automotive World is Changing…Dramatically!

A century of driving evolution and intelligence shapes the core of an extensive portfolio of KSS autonomous technologies. Optimized safety involves more than meets the human eye. Our advanced sensing, identification, avoidance, and actuation technologies, including KSS Surround View, work in harmony to ensure the highest level of safety for occupants and pedestrians.

Active Personalized Protection

KSS active personalized protection provides drivers and passengers with individualized active safety and reduced occupant displacement. Engineered with intelligent technologies including facial recognition, driver attention monitoring, occupant positioning, and early mechatronic restraint preparedness, these systems protect and mitigate risk during complex driving conditions. In the event that an unavoidable collision has occurred, the connected interface communicates with infotainment devices to alert first responders of vital occupant condition.

Active Avoidance

Event and injury mitigation begins with monitoring, early recognition and intuitive driver warnings. KSS intelligent sensing technologies and surround view vision systems identify approaching threats real-time to deliver earlier warnings, providing increased time for driver alerts, mitigation action and active safety system response. The result is improved collision avoidance and refined protection for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Active Autonomy

The rapid evolution toward driverless vehicles provides fertile ground for autonomous innovation. KSS Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) provide the integrated sensing and mechatronics to enable safe and active autonomy. KSS Park Assist, powered by surround view camera systems, provides drivers with a bird’s-eye view, assisting with reversing, while also enabling autonomous parking functions. The addition of accident recording capabilities further extends the continuous monitoring provided by this intelligent system.