Event Protection

Event Protection

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KSS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and active safety solutions are engineered to avoid collisions or reduce the severity in incidents which do occur. When an incident is imminent, our event protection systems induce an additional layer of safety that is designed to shield occupants and pedestrians from collision head trauma, suppress dangerous underhood fires, redirect harmful gases, and more.

Active Body Panels

Pedestrian protection is a key strategic focus of KSS advanced engineering activities. The early detection of pedestrians using state-of-the-art surround view camera systems combined with advanced pattern recognition and image processing enables driver notification and autonomous braking. In the unfortunate instance where a collision is imminent, KSS active hood positioning and dynamic body panel systems are commanded into positions that maximize energy absorption and significantly reduce the severity of impact and injury.

Fire Suppression Protection

Engine fires threaten the safety of occupants in automotive vehicles and buses. Large vehicles such as mass-transit buses carry high volumes of flammable fluids that pose significant danger to passengers by fueling open flame environments. KSS fire suppression systems leverage proprietary sensing and rapid activation technologies to extinguish under-hood fires thoroughly with speed, mitigating hazards and saving precious lives.


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Rapid Interruption

In the event of a vehicle crash, KSS rapid interruption technologies reduce the risk of discharge of underhood fuels and refrigerants from entering the passenger cabin. Leveraging KSS pyro-actuation technology, these non-invasive mechatronic safety devices promptly fracture lines to vent pressurized refrigerants and gases away from occupants, mitigating the spread of danger.  Additionally, high voltage line cutters are used to sever electric currents to prevent overload or sparking, which could lead to further ignition.