Integrated Safety & Electronics

Integrated Safety & Electronics

Prepare for What May Happen

KSS system integration of protective layers of passive and active safety technologies provides enhanced protection from crash avoidance through active personalized protection. KSS integrated safety systems work in harmony to detect, deter, respond and protect during every critical safety phase. Our investments in advanced driver assist systems and active mechatronics extend the protective shield for autonomous driving and safe mobility for future generations.


Systems Integration

KSS Systems Integration approach follows a CAE-led process from concept to production in order to efficiently manage product development and qualification. The key objective integrating passive restraint components with active capabilities is to enhance occupant protection by providing a comprehensive safety system that addresses regulatory specifications and real world scenarios. KSS adds value for our customers in the form of system robustness by relentlessly striving to achieve 5 star NCAP ratings, by reducing the development timing and by using well-defined testing techniques and advanced CAE model correlations. KSS’ customer focused teams utilize globally expert CAE resources and state-of-the-art test facilities, and follow reliable Concept to Manufacture (CTM) development processes. When advanced crash sensing and ADAS systems are integrated with passive systems, the system potential is thoroughly analyzed and calibrated for optimal personalized protection.

Integrated Electronics

Steering wheels and seatbelts are sources of near-constant driver interaction during normal driving conditions.  The collection and usage of ongoing driver-state information and direct feedback related to vehicle control create an exciting opportunity to enhance safety, comfort, confidence, and convenience for both the driver and the passengers.  Beyond the physical contact points of the steering wheel and seatbelt, advanced use of electronics will provide engaged safety and instrument controls, and active personalization of the driving experience.  These products range in applications from spatial sensing, hands-on detection, occupant motion, gesture recognition, attention monitoring, biometric evaluation, and driver alerts, to early kinematic positioning in the probable event of a collision, just to name a few. Ultimately, the goal of integrated electronics is to assist drivers so that their focus remains solely on the road and their surroundings, helping to avoid accidents, while also preparing the occupants, the vehicle, and those around it for unfortunate incidents that may occur.