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KSS designs and manufactures Airbags for a wide range of vehicles, from small sports cars to SUVs to mini-vans to full size sedans to delivery trucks to non-automotive vehicles. As an established global leader in Airbag design, development and production, KSS currently offers customers the latest technology in Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain, and Knee Airbag and continues to develop advanced technology to improve vehicle’s safety performance.

KSS has provided frontal Airbag applications to reduce occupant injury in frontal crashes through compact and cost-optimized Driver, Passenger, and Knee Airbag applications. Additionally, KSS has designed a range of Airbags for side-impact and rollover events that cover a variety of occupant safety needs through Thorax & Pelvis protection, Thorax protection, or Head & Thorax version of Side Airbag applications as well as rollover or non-rollover Curtain Airbag applications.

KSS is actively involved in looking ahead to the needs of drivers and passengers to ensure that they can be protected from any source of injury in a vehicle crash. KSS prides itself on being proactive in meeting the needs and requirements of governmental regulations and customers.