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Design for Environment

Design for Environment is KSS' response to the European Union End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC) and OEM Restricted Materials Management Standards. Since every manufacturer is responsible for the environmental effects of his products, designs need to eliminate the use of hazardous materials and promote recyclability. This requires adequate knowledge of the composition of all components and the materials and substances used therein.

Design for Environment & IMDS Contacts
North America - Airbags    IMDS-NAAB@keysafetyinc.com
North America - Inflators    IMDS-NAINF@keysafetyinc.com
North America - Seatbelts    IMDS-NASB@keysafetyinc.com
North America - Steering Wheels    IMDS-NASW@keysafetyinc.com
Europe - Airbags    IMDS-EUAB@keysafetyinc.com
Europe - Inflators    IMDS-EUINF@keysafetyinc.com
Europe - Seatbelts    IMDS-EUSB@keysafetyinc.com
Europe - Steering Wheels    IMDS-EUSW@keysafetyinc.com
Asia - Inflators    IMDS-ASINF@keysafetyinc.com