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KSS is known as an innovator in the design of key safety components such as lighter, smaller, environmentally friendly inflators. The KSS Inflator Technical Center is located in Lakeland Florida, and the inflators are actually produced at several facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia by a highly automated, proven manufacturing process. KSS Inflators are designed to meet the most stringent global customer requirements for design, performance, quality, and cost, and they reflect the company's commitment to providing the highest quality and most technologically advanced airbag systems.

KSS has provided frontal Airbag applications to reduce occupant injury in frontal crashes through compact and cost-optimized Driver, Passenger, and Knee Airbag applications. Additionally, KSS has designed a range of Airbags for side-impact and rollover events that cover a variety of occupant safety needs through Thorax & Pelvis protection, Thorax protection, or Head & Thorax version of Side Airbag applications as well as rollover or non-rollover Curtain Airbag applications.

KSS offers pyrotechnic, hybrid, and cold gas inflator products for the Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain, and Knee Airbag applications.  All KSS inflators are tailorable to different output levels to ensure optimal result of protection for any size and position of occupants.

Driver ADI Inflator 100 Passenger API Inflator 100 Driver ADI Inflator 100