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ISO 14001

Key Safety Systems Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
Key Safety Systems Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy is to provide products and services in a manner which safeguards employees, customers, the public, and the environment from unacceptable risk.

To fulfill our commitment to customers, employees and the communities we operate in, Key Safety Systems, Inc. shall:

  • Establish processes to identify and assure compliance with laws and regulations which apply to our products, services and activities.
  • Adopt health, safety, and environmental standards and practices where laws and regulations are not adequate for protection or do not exist.
  • Develop products and processes which protect health and safety, conserve resources and energy, and prevent pollution.
  • Establish and adhere to protection programs for occupational health, safety, loss prevention, product safety and integrity, and environmental quality; formally review these programs, and constantly strive for continuous improvement of these programs.
  • Cease any operations which compromise and present unacceptable risk or impact to health, safety, and environmental protection.
  • Identify and control health, safety, or environmental risks related to products, services, or activities and support appropriate scientific research regarding this matter.
  • Share promptly information regarding significant hazards of products and operations with employees, customers, suppliers, government agencies, the scientific community, and the public.
  • Provide adequate resources to develop and establish health, safety and environmental training, awareness and competency programs.
  • Integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations into business processes.
  • Consider concepts such as Recyclability, Design for Environment (DFE), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) during product design and incorporate them into all aspects of operations, and create environmentally conscious products for distribution.
  • Utilize a Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System as a framework for continuous improvement.
  • Implement sound environmental practices to facilitate environmental protection and prevention of pollution.
  • Establish a system to set health, safety and environmental goals and objectives, track and review their attainment.
  • Document, implement and maintain this policy, ensure that it is communicated to all affected parties, and available to the public.
Reference: Key Safety Systems Inc. Document Number 82016401, Revision F
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