November 10, 2016, New York City. KSS-ImageNEXT announced the debut of a new
connected camera and event recording hardware platform for the automotive market at the
CES 2017 Unveiled New York event today.

The first product from this new hardware platform is an aftermarket system called
omniDRIVE® that has won the prestigious distinction of a CES 2017 Innovation Award
Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence Category.
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OmniDRIVE is industry’s first connected car safety product that integrates 360º surround
view monitoring (SVM) and blind spot cameras with a 4 channel DVR that can be connected
with wi-fi to portable devices in a vehicle. The system allows the driver to simultaneously
run navigation and real time traffic applications on a smartphone or tablet to deliver a great
in-vehicle driver experience.

360º SVM safety technology is now available in many 2017 vehicle platforms from many
global automakers. KSS-ImageNEXT is a Tier 1 supplier of 360º SVM hardware and software
to automakers and continues to expand penetration on all continents.

“The recognition of the Consumer Electronics industry that omniDRIVE delivers high value
technology in the aftermarket active safety market is very satisfying to our team” stated
Mark Wehner, President of KSS Active Safety Systems. “Understanding todays drivers safety
needs and then delivering a product with advanced technology that meets those needs is
what we take pride in doing well. We can migrate the omniDRIVE hardware and/or software
into any vehicle platform that our automaker customers value.”

The omniDRIVE platform is a flexible architecture allowing for many customizable hardware
and software configurations using wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity and I/O bus capabilities for
communication with other safety systems in the vehicle. The integration with FCW and LDW
technology can also be accomplished blending collision avoidance and active braking with
liability management technologies to help drivers.

The omniDRIVE platform adds to the growing portfolio of technologies that will change the
way automobiles, passengers, and drivers will interface in the future. Whether preventing
accidents, adapting product performance to crash conditions and occupant state, actuating
Instant Safety™ for event protection or alerting emergency services, KSS is committed to
saving lives through personalized protection.

About KSS
Key Safety Systems (KSS) is a global leader in the system integration and performance of
safety-critical components to the automotive and non-automotive markets serving the
active safety, passive safety and specialty product sectors. Through highly specialized design,
development, and manufacturing, KSS’ technology is featured in more than 300 vehicle
models produced by over 60 well-diversified customers worldwide. Since commencing
business as a United States start-up, serving Detroit auto makers in 1916, KSS continues
today with an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. KSS is headquartered in Sterling Heights,
Michigan, with a global network of 32 sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities. The
company has 5 main technical centers located in the key regions of the Americas, Europe
and Asia.

About KSS-ImageNEXT
KSS-ImageNEXT is a leading vision-based system developer in the field of automotive
electronics for advanced safety applications. From proprietary software algorithms to ECU
design, its end-to-end solutions offer enhanced safety and convenience benefits for vehicle
operators. KSS-ImageNEXT serves both OEM and after-market customers with its products
which are designed to deliver to the driver the most economic, yet fully-proven technical
solutions about the vehicle’s surrounding view, from monitoring the visual spectrum,
identifying objects, to enabling full autonomous vehicle driving.

For further information about Key Safety Systems see: http://www.keysafetyinc.com

[Contact Info]
Jean Luc Blancou, Executive Director Sales & Marketing

Alan Fratarcangeli, Director Active Safety Sales
FratarA@ KeySafetyinc.com


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