Colleferro, IT May 16, 2016 – Key Safety Systems (KSS), a leading global supplier of advanced engineered safety products for automotive and non-automotive markets, is pleased to announce the opening of its fire suppression test lab in Colleferro, Italy.  The lab is capable of testing according to the requirements of UN ECE R107 method.  The in-house test capability gives the highest product assurance to our line of Instant Safe™ products.

Certifying to this standard measures the effectiveness and function of fire suppression systems in the engine compartment of buses and coaches, whereby the system and all of its components are tested in the harshest of environments.  Having been developed with the global collaboration of experts, the KSS test lab represents the state-of-the-art for assessing fire suppression systems.  The overall objective in the system assessment is to raise the standard of quality, enable safe passenger escape, reduce the loss of lives, mitigate the damage to buses, avoid societal costs, and improve goodwill.

“KSS is proud of the Colleferro Fire Suppression Lab’s ability to qualify to the recognized global standard” said Sergio Rea, Executive Director of Manufacturing – Europe.  “The ability to demonstrate real world automotive and bus scenarios using the controlled environment enables us to develop and qualify our Instant Safety™ line of products in order to save more lives!”


About KSS

Key Safety Systems (KSS) is a global leader in mobility safety through the system integration and performance of critical components to the automotive and non-automotive markets serving the active safety, passive safety and specialty product sectors. Through highly specialized design, development, and manufacturing, KSS’ technology is featured in more than 300 vehicle models produced by over 60 well-diversified customers worldwide. Since commencing business as a United States start-up, serving Detroit auto makers in 1916, KSS continues today with an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. KSS is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with a global network of 32 sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities. The company has 5 main technical centers located in the key regions of the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For further information about Key Safety Systems see: http://www.keysafetyinc.com

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