Airbag Technology

Airbag Technology

A Legacy of Safety Revolution

As a global leader with an established legacy of expertise in airbag design, development, and production, KSS delivers high performance safety systems for leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Advanced adaptive driver and passenger airbags provide personalized protection based on occupant size, weight, and position, reducing injury in frontal collisions. In the occurrence of side-impact or rollover events, KSS technologies mitigate injury through side, curtain, and occupant-to-occupant airbag deployment.

As safety needs evolve towards more compact systems, environmentally friendly substances, and safer occupant interaction, KSS advanced engineering teams are paving the way to establish new benchmarks in occupant protection.

Driver, Passenger, and Knee Airbags

KSS Airbag technology optimizes crash occupant kinematics, significantly reducing chest deflection, and mitigating occupant submarining effect. Our adaptive airbag solutions are a revolutionary step forward in smart airbag technology offering significantly increased protection of smaller or out-of-position occupants. These systems protect during automobile frontal collisions, while offering reduced weight, size, and cost.

Curtain, Side, and OTO Airbags

KSS is recognized for offering industry leading side impact solutions that meet or exceed Global Requirements as well as provide the capability to achieve robust 5 Star NCAP performance through applied vehicle system collaboration. KSS expertise in cushion design and effective chamber construction has enabled CAB solutions that comply with excursion mitigation requirements for the complete range of vehicles from small cars to 3-row SUVs. Recent innovations include Occupant to Occupant (OTO) Airbags that protect passengers from injuries in either near-side or far-side lateral impacts. KSS Side Airbag technology delivers a compact, lightweight, clean and cost effective side restraint system through the use of innovative gas flow technology, and a fully automated folding process of the airbag module.