Inflator Technology

Inflator Technology

Years in the Making – Saving a Life in Less Than a Blink of An Eye

As an innovator of safety-critical components, KSS has been known for its commitment in the design, development, and production of the highest quality and most technologically advanced Airbag Systems. Consistently being at the forefront of Inflator innovations such as lighter and smaller design and environmentally friendly substances, KSS Inflators meet the most stringent global customer requirements of performance, quality, and cost. KSS Inflators are tailored to the application to ensure optimal occupant protection. Using pyrotechnic, hybrid, and cold gas technologies to meet the performance needed for Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain, and Knee applications, KSS Inflators are setting the standard of safety in Airbag Systems of the future.

Driver Inflators

KSS offers an extensive portfolio of driver inflator technologies. Each engineered solution offers tailored performance and optimized package size, while delivering reduced particulate and effluents. KSS’ industry-leading low particulate emissions improve module reliability and integrity.

Passenger Inflators

KSS passenger inflators are available in single, dual or adaptive stages to meet specific vehicle performance parameters. Highly engineered design solutions enable the KSS pyrotechnic passenger inflators to achieve equivalent performance as hybrid & stored gas inflators, yet in a smaller and lighter package.  Our award-winning advanced hybrid designs offer low weight, excellent variability, and low particulate and effluents.

Curtain Inflators

KSS curtain inflators are offered in advanced hybrid technology designs and cold gas designs. The hybrid inflators deliver optimized performance, cost, weight and size, meeting the full range of system performance from first impact to ejection mitigation. The cold gas designs are the perfect solution for large 3-row applications.  Both the KSS hybrid and cold gas systems offer better sustained cushion pressures for rollover with dramatically reduced heat loss. Additionally, the elimination of heat shields allows for reduced module costs.

Side and Knee Inflators

KSS side inflators deliver calibrated performance to protect occupants in side collisions. Hybrid, pyro and cold gas solutions are leveraged to meet specific packaging and performance specifications for all global applications. KSS inflators based on cold gas technology provide the quick Time-To-First-Gas demanded by knee airbags.