Steering Wheel Technology

Steering Wheel Technology

Command of the Driving Experience at Your Fingertips

KSS stands today as a leading global producer of high volume and premium steering wheels with design and manufacturing locations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Along with 5-star safety compliant economy models, KSS delivers high-end wood and leather trimmed steering wheels for upscale customer platforms and aftermarket sales. Wood manufacturing capabilities include both solid wood and wood shell, which allows the use of distinct veneers. All leather wrapping is hand crafted in-house, and heated steering wheels are available in both leather and wood construction.

Wood & Leather Wrapped Steering Wheels

First introduced on the Ford Model T, KSS has a history of producing wood steering wheels since 1916. KSS has since evolved into a high-tech producer of world class craftsmanship, with attention to every detail of our customer’s desired expectations. The pride and passion of our workers is evident in the quality of the product from each of our Steering Wheel facilities around the world.

Integrated Electronic Steering Wheels

Beginning with heated steering wheels, KSS has been producing electronically enhanced steering wheels since 2002. KSS heated steering wheel products include: all leather, leather with wood shell, and leather with decorative trim inserts. Our next generation active steering wheel developments will further enhance occupant safety in conjunction with KSS integrated safety electronics, through biometric and haptic feedback along with visual driver indicators.