Solutions to Satisfy 21st Century Safety Requirements

KSS delivers occupant protection solutions for the aircraft market through Aviation Occupant Safety (AOS), a joint venture with Aircraft Belts, Inc. AOS brings improved safety solutions from takeoff to landing.

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Side Protection Inflatable Solutions

AOS Inflatable safety products protect forward and side facing
occupants. Our modular designs are engineered to perform to aircraft
specifications and tailored to fit a variety of seating and monument
configurations. Compact sizes and innovative packaging completely
hide the modules from view and provide a clean and luxurious look,
harmonious with the interior style of the cabin.

Forward Facing Inflatable Solutions

Forward facing inflatable solutions from AOS feature the inflatable device
embedded into uniquely woven tubular webbing, presented in a two
or three point inflatable seatbelt. AOS products are more compact and
significantly more comfortable than other systems presently available.