Safety, Durability & Comfort

With over 100 original equipment customers in the heavy truck & bus, construction & agriculture, military vehicle, recreational/utility vehicle and automotive aftermarket segments, KSS Specialty Products Division has the scope and experience to meet your needs.

On/Off Highway

Wide range of cost effective, innovative products designed for the unique
operating environments of the heavy truck and bus markets.

Off-Road Safety

The rugged demands of off-road vehicle operation require engineered safety solutions that endure sudden vehicle shocks and exposure to environmental conditions containing mud, dirt, water and dust. KSS technology and patented products are purpose-built for these extreme demands. Our new patented Mudpro™ seatbelt retractor, fully sealed to the environment, is the perfect solution, delivering maximum performance under extreme conditions.

Agricultural, Construction, and Military

Durable steering wheels and seatbelts produced exclusively for the operating environments typical of the agricultural, construction and military equipment markets. High-end steering wheel designs to compliment the plush interiors of high-end agricultural equipment operator cabins.